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Store Collection to Delivery Conversion


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Have you accidentally clicked “Store Collection” on an order that you would like to be delivered?

Can you no longer get to store to collect your order and would like to change to a delivery service?

Simply add this item to checkout, input your details (ensuring that they match with the details on the order that you would like to be delivered) and make sure that the “Local Delivery” option is clicked.

Pay the £3.50 delivery fee, and we will match this up with your outstanding store collection order, and change this to a delivery for you.

The delivery will be made on the day that was shown at Checkout. This information can also be found further down this page.

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For information, we make deliveries to these areas on these days:


  • NE15
  • NE18
  • NE19 2
  • NE20
  • NE42
  • NE43
  • NE44
  • NE45
  • NE46
  • NE47
  • NE49


  • NE6
  • NE7
  • NE12
  • NE22
  • NE23
  • NE24
  • NE25
  • NE26
  • NE27
  • NE28
  • NE29
  • NE30
  • NE61
  • NE62
  • NE63

Sunday (Wednesdays from September):

  • NE1
  • NE2
  • NE3
  • NE4
  • NE5
  • NE8
  • NE9
  • NE10
  • NE11
  • NE13
  • NE16
  • NE17
  • NE21
  • NE39
  • NE40
  • NE41