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(Raw Support) Power Paste 400g


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Designed by Dr Conor Brady and proudly made in partnership with us, Power Paste is a vital complementary feed that makes DIY raw-feeding a far simpler process but also serving as a borderline-vital nutritional topper for kibble feeders.


It’s choc full of all the bits we wish we had to hand when making food for them ourselves but are a bit of a pain to source and put together.


Made with pasture-fed Irish beef, Power Paste contains ALL the organs (liver, heart, kidney, spleen, pancreas), some fresh Atlantic sardines, some lightly steamed veg, a number of POWER additions and even blood and hair!


It’s handy for making a good meal from leftovers and even making treats or even home made dry-food yourself!!!


Check out videos of folk using Power Paste and have all your questions answered here

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Irish beef liver, Atlantic sardine, beef heart, fresh local kale, fresh broccoli, fresh carrot, beef tripe, beef kidney, beef spleen, beef pancreas, Irish seaweed, organic flaxseed meal, organic EU pumpkin seeds, organic rosehips, beef collagen, dehydrated, organic reishi mushrooms, dehydrated wild Scandinavian blueberries, dried beef blood, organic cleavers, cattle hair.

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