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Chomp & Chew Treat Box


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100% Natural dog treat box packed full of healthy, delicious treats that your dog will love.

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Our Chomp & Chew Treat Box Contains:

Buffalo Wrapped Trachea

2 x 100% JR Meat Sticks (Beef, Chicken or Rabbit)

100% Pork Sausage

3 x 100% Meaty Strip (Boar, Duck, Lamb, Rabbit or Venison)

Sausage Roll or Pork Roll

Dried Cows Hoof

Hairy Cows Ear

2 x Rabbit Ears (With or without hair)

Black Pudding Banger

Dried Duck Foot

Puffed Chicken Foot


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  • Due to treat boxes being pre-packed, we are unable to take specific requests for items