Why Raw?

Feeding a raw food diet was once labelled a ‘feeding fad’; The typical profile of a raw feeder being ‘well educated, ‘middle class’ or ‘country set’. This is not the case. Raw feeding has stood the test of time, proving beyond doubt that it is not the ‘fad’ it was once labelled, and that the ever increasing ‘pro-raw movement’ is being driven by consumer demand, after pet parents have seen first-hand the difference that feeding a species appropriate diet has made to their pets lives. Some of the common improvements switching to a fresh, raw food diet can make to your dog’s condition are as follows:
Healthy coat from feeding raw

Healthy skin & coat

Dry, brittle hair is often related to poor quality protein or lack of sufficient protein in the diet. A healthy coat will be shiny and if your pet’s coat is dull, the chances are the diet being fed is lacking in essential fatty acids to maintain a beautiful shine.

Odorous skin and fur is often attributed to candida yeast which is triggered and overpopulates when the diet is high includes carbs and sugars, i.e. kibble.

Skin and coat health is one of the first changes seen when feeding a dog or cat a raw diet. A balanced raw diet is free from processed foods, artificial preservatives, additives, and low quality proteins which provides pets with the essentials to maintain a thick and shiny coat.

Improved digestion & Pawsome poop

Commercial kibble is jam packed with processed low quality proteins, carbohydrates, grains, starches, additives, and preservatives which directly effect gastrointestinal health.

The immune system resides 70-80% within the gut and maintaining a healthy gut means a healthier life. Ingredients within kibble irritate the GI and promote inflammation which ultimately creates more health issues. Since a dog and cat’s digestive tract is short and lacks complexity, most items in commercial diets pass undigested as bulk waste. This creates a large stool.

Raw diets do not consist of bulk ingredients such as wheat, corn, soy, oats, etc. Fresh, raw diets only consist of natural sources of proteins leaving small and firm stool.

Healthy dog poop
Healthy Dog Teeth

Sparkling white teeth & Fresh breath

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats; and is entirely preventable! By three years of age, most dogs and cats have some evidence of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease begins when bacteria in the mouth form plaque that sticks to the surface of the teeth which is directly caused by the ingredients found within commercial kibble. Through the natural teeth cleaning benefits provided from a raw diet, dogs and cats experience fresh breath, healthy gums, and white teeth.

Large cuts and raw meaty bones provide teeth cleaning benefits to raw fed pets. Muscle tissues acts like natural floss and Raw Meaty Bones scrape calcified tartar build up.

Increased energy and Vitality

Unlike humans, dogs and cats metabolize their energy from raw animal fat instead of carbohydrates. Diets rich with carbs and sugars spike energy levels making them tired shortly after. Fresh, raw diets provide a diet free from unwanted starches, carbs, and sugars which aid in stabilising clean and consistent energy levels.

Enhanced immune system

Raw diets stabilise and strengthen the immune system. Feeding raw provides a natural source of protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients. This improves immune function to serve as the foundation to fight present diseases and prevent against possible future illnesses
Feeding raw energy

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