Support Powder: Liver 125ml


To support dogs that have:

Had an operation or on medication
Live in heavily polluted areas
Exposed to day to day toxins

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Supporting the liver function is important for any genetically ancient canine living in the modern world.

Ingredients; milk thistle, dandelion, chlorella, camu camu powder

How to use; 10kg and under 1 teaspoon with food, 10kg and over 2 teaspoons with food.

Recommended from 18 months and over.


Dr Isla

Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) is a wellness practitioner, zoologist, conservation biologist and practising shaman. Isla cares about wellness for all of life as a collective and is passionate about spiritual ecology and co-creative partnership with Earth.She founded Kachina Canine due to a gap in the animal industry that she wants to fill through complete wellness for all of life. Her years of research into ecosystem health and wolves, including their behaviour, conservation, symbolism and ceremony drove her passion even deeper.She realised how she could bring her knowledge to domestic animals and make a significant and positive difference to people and their dogs who may be struggling to connect, communicate or interact on one or more levels.Hence Kachina Canine was born to research and study the emotional, physiological, physical and spiritual well-being of not just man and his dog but how to create complete wellness for all of life.
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