Giardia Testing Kit


By using worm egg counts as part of your Animals  health and worm management programme we can greatly reduce the number of times we use chemicals to treat for worms which is not only far better for your Animals  it can also be far better for your purse. Using worm egg counts can also reduce the resistance that develops through the continual use of chemicals which can lead to conventional wormers being less effective and the worm burden increase in the Animals.

Eblex, Defra, Scops and the soil association to name a few, are all talking about the benefits of faecal egg counts. As an industry we can ill afford an increase in Anthelmintic resistance within the industry. Faecal egg counts are becoming the preferred route prior to worming any animal.

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Giardia Cysts

It is not a worm, Bacteria or Virus!! Giardiasis is an intestinal infection in humans and animals, caused by a microscopic protozoan parasite. Statistics say 50% of puppies and younger dogs will suffer from Giardiasis in their lifetime!

Giardia is very difficult to detect in a normal fecal test, Giardia is inconsistent when shedding, from ingestion the Cysts can take 5-12 to show in a canine fecal sample and 5-16 days for a cat so the fecal sample tested may not contain the cyst.

This is why we recommend a Giardia home test between fecal tests.

Giardiasis can cause diarrhoea, in animals and people. But the majority of dogs infected with Giardia do not have diarrhoea, vomiting, or any other signs of illness.

Giardiasis can be transmitted by eating or sniffing the cysts from contaminated ground, grass or by drinking contaminated water.

If an animal is diagnosed it is very dangerous for people suffering from Aids, cancer or undergoing chemotherapy.

If detected a good chlorine bleach dilution should be used and all bedding, toys and bowls washed.


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