Cat Raw Feeding Guide

Obligate Carnivores

Cats are considered obligate carnivores, which means that they require a fresh food diet of meat in order to thrive. Cats do not require vegetables in their diet, therefore follow the Prey Model Raw (PMR) Diet.

The idea behind the ‘Prey Model’ of feeding a raw diet is that in the wild, a cat would hunt and eat its prey. The average prey animal that would be eaten would consist of 84% meat, 6% bone, 10% offal (5% liver, 5% another secreting organ). A complete PMR diet follows this 84:6:10 rule.

The easiest way of feeding a balanced PMR diet is to feed ‘Purrform minces’ as these are specifically designed for cats. Alternatively, cats can eat any of the 80:10:10 minces that we sell (non-vegetable completes), however it is advised to add a small amount of heart to sway the balance towards 84:6:10 and increase taurine levels.

There are raw feeders who build up to feeding ‘whole prey’. This refers to an entire prey animal, with fur/ feathers/ innards intact. Examples include whole rabbit, duck, day old chicks and quail. Feeding whole prey not only provides more mental stimulation for you cat, but helps to keep teeth in optimum condition in addition to providing higher taurine levels.

Most adult cats eat 3% of their body weight daily. Please note that this is a guide, and the actual amount required can differ from cat to cat. It is advised that you monitor your cat’s body condition and increase/ decrease the amount of food given if necessary.

To calculate 3% of your cat’s bodyweight, multiply their weight (kg) by 30. The answer will be the amount you feed per day in grams. For example:

You can split the daily allowance into as many meals as you like.
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